Reasons For Fundraising Online

Fundraising online has become very popular in recent times as it can generate significant revenue in a very short time. As an example, several million dollars were donated to UNICEF online in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. There are several reasons for fundraising online, which are highlighted in this article.

Increased Reach

Internet has made it virtually possible for supporters, family, and friends around the world to connect anytime anywhere. This one of the main benefits of fundraising online. Fundraising campaigns can now reach potential supporters from all corners of the world via email in seconds and at no cost.

More Safety

Another reason for online fundraising is the safety aspect. As there is no direct door to door selling or the need to approach strangers for funds, the added element of safety brings a huge sense of relief to parents as well as team members.

Minimum Risk

A common challenge faced with many traditional fundraisers is the potential cost associated with left-over inventory. Another benefit of fundraising online is that there is no need to purchase or carry inventory.

More Variety, Customization & Creativity

One of the other reasons for online fundraising is that there is much more choice in terms of items you can sell in order to fundraise. Creating customized goods from T-shirts, team posters, calendars, books, travel, magazines and more are just a few examples where you can unleash your creativity.

Low Costs

Having minimum costs is another reason to why raise funds online. As email accounts are free, online fundraising can be very inexpensive. With many companies offering free website hosting packages, any costs associated with the online transaction is taken care of by them.

Faster Speed With Ease

Online fundraising programs give you the opportunity of instant real-time tracking of sales and lead conversions. It takes seconds to email and promote your supporters. Using email and your website as a communications tool bring a a lot of ease and comfort in the process of the operations while fundraising.


As fundraising online programs are free to set up, having even one sale is counted as profit. There is no break-even point to worry about. There are no minimum number of sales is required to insure a profit.


Surfing and shopping online as part of fundraising can be a lot of fun for your team as well as your supporters. Your donors will have a sense of pride in supporting your group, besides having the convenience of purchasing items they can actually find useful.

The above mentioned points make it clear as to why raise funds online and make use of all the benefits of online fundraising.

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