Online Fundraising - The First steps

Well, online fundraising is the wave of the future and is already making its presence felt. Hence, if you want to keep up with the building your capacity to raise funds online, act now.

Begin fundraising, the right way, following the right steps, especially if you are a newbie.Here are a few points to start with:

1. Get legal

All types of fundraising, including online must be registered with the appropriate officials. Find out the requirements in your state and check with your state attorney’s office.

2. Market your online fundraising

It is important to promote your online fundraising capacity in your newsletters and all of your direct mail campaign literature. Don’t forget to include your website address on all of your collateral materials. Use your mailing and emailing list to promote your online fundraising program.

3. Explore your options

It’s a good idea to include social networking sites to expand your fundraising program. You may want to set up your own system to process credit card transactions. Or, perhaps you want to engage the services of a company to do so. You may also want to use another site to collect your online donations. Start fundraising the right way.

4. Make your website attractive

Your website should be good looking and user friendly too. Design it to please visitors from all ages and sections of society.

5. Maintain proper online etiquette

Don’t spam and overwhelm your donors with too much email. Your online fundraising should be a part of a well-balanced portfolio of strategies.

6. Provide more options to donate

Different people have different preferences to donate. Some prefer online while others may find mail or phone to be more convenient. Try to accommodate as many of them as possible.

7. Make your website donation button big and obvious

Your donors should have no problem locating the donation button and it need not always have to say “Donate Now.” You can think of other options.

8. Non-monetary contributions

Another of the best way for getting people to donate in some form is to volunteer. It has been found that people who volunteer their time before being asked to donate will ultimately give more money to that organization. This is an important point to follow when you begin fundraising online.

9. Show the donors how their donations will help

People like to see how their money is being used .Provide lots of photos of donors and of people receiving help. Include testimonials and be liberal with success stories. Use plenty of inspirational quotes and stories about real people.

10. Segment your online fundraising audience.

As your expertise and experience with online fundraising advances grows, it’s a good idea to segment your audience. A good record keeping and a large list based on age, gender, income, interests, previous giving history, geography, or role, such as donor or volunteer.

After going through the above points, you will definitely feel that starting online fundraising has never been so easy!

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