New Trends In Fundraising Online

Are you wondering what will boost your online fundraising this year or whether your blog will attract donors to your organization? If you are involved in a fundraising program online, this is a great place for you to be. With donors getting web-savvy and their expectations rising, it becomes very important to get well acquainted with the new trends in fundraising online.

Some of the popular and latest trends in fundraising online are enumerated below for your advantage:

1. Multi/cross-channel coordination

As multi-channel donors are more valuable and loyal, organizations are coordinating online/offline efforts to maximize ROI.

2. Monthly/sustainer giving

Beyond managing online monthly donations, organizations are putting their best attempts into developing the right strategies for attracting and retaining donors, keeping up with the online fundraising trends.

3. Donor choice and input

Today, donors have more say about their donations as they decide which organizations their funds should go to. Follow this fundraising trend online for more success.

4. Groups and networks

Now, donors are able to raise money for their favorite causes on their websites, blogs and social networking pages with the new offers of badges and widgets.

5. Search and maps

Organizations should make sure their website is user friendly and easy to navigate. As online users expect everything to work as easy as Google, maps can effectively demonstrate great messages. Most organizations are jumping right in to tap into the networks like Web 2.0 to raise funds. These are some of the new trends in fundraising online.

7. Video

Video are being incorporated as they can tell a story like no other medium. Organizations are encouraging supporters to make their own to tell their stories through videos.

8. Major donors

Major and serious donors do go online, searching good organizations to make their donations online according to theirs chosen cause. Make sure your website gives a good professional impression to keep pace with the online fundraising trends.

10. Good old trust

As a conclusion, online fundraising is all about building trust and serving the donor. Focus on cultivating relationships with your donors, one donor at a time.

If you face any responsibility for fundraising online, this may be the most profitable time for you while you are reading. Follow the latest trends in fundraising online discussed above for assured success.

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